When was the first time you saw The BJ Experience live?
Avital: gorefest Do you prefer BJ with or without a shirt?
Avital: with, thank you very much.
What is your all-time, push comes to shove BJ Experience song? And why.
Avital: oh man. i don't know. How long is your hair?
Avital: pretty long. i'd say until mid-boob. In your opinion, what song do you think The BJ Experience would do a good job covering?
Avital: umm... anything! It's a well known fact that you first heard about The BJ Experience through Frank Daddy at Einstein Bagels. Can you tell us what exactly happened that momentus morning?
Avital: Hahahahahahaha. i walked into einstein's with my best friend and my boyfriend. i said something along the lines of "can i get a bagel with-" and frank says "no." it actually went on for about 20 minutes, frank not selling us anything, until i said something gay like "my boyfriend will beat you up!" & then he gave us a BJ Experience flyer. it said "with FEMALE dancers!" & my friend made a comment about him being gay, he made a comment about us being Jewish. it was a glorious occasion.
What is usually the first thing you do in the morning, aside putting on a BJ Experience CD?
Avital: uh. brush my teeth How long is your hair again?
Avital: long. Do you consider yourself a genius?
Avital: duh.
Why was Rhodomus Prime the one to have the power to open the matrix and not Optimus Prime?
Avital: yellow. Are you excited to be asked these 13 questions?
Avital: definitely.

What is your favorite BJ Experience outfit:
a) BJ's red mesh shirt thing
b) Father Bloopy's Tommy Hillfiger sweater
c) Angry Amish's basketball jersey
d) Frank Daddy's boyscout uniform, or
e) Tropical Barber's neon pink and yellow jackets
Avital: hahahahaha. i dont know, they all sound pretty interesting. If you were to be stranded in a closed down CVS/America's #1 Pharmacy with only 1 BJ Experience member, who would it be?
Avital: whoever would develop my pictures.