Frank Daddy on the phone giving this interview.Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us.
No problem, it's always a pleasure to do anything for the dippy fans and their cult leaders.

Are you excited about your new CD, Thugged Out?
Actually i'm quite excited, it was not only a pleasure to release the work, but in fact a surprise. father bloopy was very secretive about the date and, and even more about whether it was to be released at all. in fact, i had no idea i even had recorded a new album.

Were you, in fact, thugged out!?
I wouldn't say that, but as i am always thugged out, it's completely true to say that i was, though the reasons are kept in complete confidentiality between my and my door.

Which is your favorite song on the CD?
Ii would have to say my favorite song on the cd is alley cat. which is available to listeners of divine creation and ordainment. Frank Daddy playing bass with the Bj Experience at Churchill's January 2001.

Can you tell us a little bit behind one of the more introspective songs on the CD, Guitar Doodle?
There's no defining my true genius, and for you to try and put words to the meaning, and perhaps even inspiration thati felt when completing that masterpiece is pure blasphemy.

Come on, please tell us!
Would you like to spend eternity in a pool of fire? i thought not. i mean really, i didn't.

Wow! Facinating. So what are you currently up to?
I''m currently observing and attending classes of little real meaning at the university of florida. i'm quite bored in fact, so ifyo u ver are in the gainesville area, give me a call at 352-846-6133, i'm sure i won't be doing anything important.

Rumours are flying about you leaving The BJ Experience. Is this true?
Due to the complete lack of motivation to drive 5 hrs to rehearsals and performances each way, I've decided to leave the position of trumpet handler and substitute any other instrument player open to the public to audition.

All right Frank Daddy. Thanks for talking with us all the way from Gainsville USA 32612-5401.