Gingerbabi and her sassy self Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed with us Jenna, a.k.a. Ginger Babi.
You have become well known amongst BJ fans as the Ginger Babi. Many fans don't know who you are and many more even suspect you are a figment of the bands creativity. What is your response towards that.
I had no idea I actually have fans. Haha wow. Well I am certiantly not a figment of anyones creative as you guys are. Some people may imagine ABOUT me, but thats another interview.
Is it true that the first time you saw The BJ Experience play, you thought BJ was drunk?
Hahahaha...yes! I thought he was wasted off his ass or something relatively close to that. What performance was that?Ginger strip ;-)
Gingerbabi: That was so long ago. It was at the first Gorefest, before I knew anyone. Before I knew you. Haha Facinating. So has being a BJ Experience "insider" changed your life at all?
Gingerbabi: Oh no doubt about it, without the BJ Experience what excuse would I have to go to Rascal House in the middle of the night to get cheesecake and other fun stuff?! Where do you see The BJ Experience in 3 days from now?
Gingerbabi: I see them at the kareoke night at Dennys across the street from me. If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who is alive, who would it be?
Gingerbabi: Hmm..good question..I have no idea actually. As long as they pay it doesnt matter to me! :-) How 'bout dinner?
Gingerbabi: Sure! Like I said as long as you pay..and I'm hungry. It's all good. Remember though, I'm not an escort service. :-) Thanks for your insights into Ginger Babi's world... any final comments, thoughts, opinions or raves?
Gingerbabi: Not really. I think all that has been said says it all. Well said. Thanks Miss Masarcchio. Nice dress.
Gingerbabi: **THANKS!