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4-Play Box Set

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Release details Released September 2005 on Dippy Records (DR214) worldwide. Producer Father Bloopy for BJ Experience Entertainment Unlimited; Various. Recorded sometime, somewhere between 1998-2005. Remastered at Dippy Studios, 2005.

1. Switch Your Personality (remixed, previously unreleased)
2. If You Call Me I'm Ready To Party (previously unreleased)
3. Old Girl In The Park (radio version)
4. Yes Um
5. Evil Music
6. Boots Medley (full length version, previously unreleased)
7. In My Life
8. Greens
9. Deer Kick '95
10. I've Got Rights Too
11. I'm So Happy When I'm With Me
12. You Know You Love Me, Yes You Do
13. I Remember You Jeff (radio version)
14. Rock A Party Pop (previously unreleased outtake)
15. Junk In The Trunk
16. White Boy In A Hip Hop Club
17. Things That Make My Ass Itch
18. The Call (solo BJ)
19. Bicuspid (solo Tropical Barber)
20. Won't You Try (solo Father Bloopy)
21. Drown

1. I Saw A Tay On You (Bloopy rough vocal guide mix)
2. The Luck Of Me (early instrumental mix)
3. Bitch Slap Monkey Talk (early alternate mix)
4. Party Party Party (vocal extract)
5. All These Bands (rehearsal)
6. Looking For A Job In The Street (rehearsal)
7. The Real Truth (instrumental mix)
8. Nobody Wants To See You (1st instrumental mixdown)
9. Food Stamps (a.k.a. Run Alan Run; instrumental mixdown)
10. If You Saw Tay On Anything It'll Taste Good (early rough mix)
11. Christmas@CVS (Bloopy rough vocal guide mix)
12. Love@Aol.com (1st instrumental mixdown)
13. The Luck Of Me (rehearsal)
14. Her Names Jim (instrumental mix)
15. I Don't Wanna Party Without You (early mix)
16. Puke (take one)
17. I Forgive You Frank (take one)
18. Old Girl In The Park (early rough mix)
19. Sophisticated Rock Chick (acoustic version)
20. Her Names Jim (demo)
21. Sad Song (demo)

1. Love @ Aol.com - Tobacco Road 09.04.03 The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Love@Aol.com (Live)
2. I Forgive You Frank - Miller's Garage 09.xx.00
3. I've Got Rights Too - Storytellers 05.05.01
4. Oops! I Did It Again - Churchill's 09.24.00
5. Bloopy In The Kitchen—Barber In The John - Churchill's 10.08.02
6. Sweet Barry - AJ Roxx 11.22.02
7. Things That Make My Ass Itch - Storytellers 05.05.01
8. Dance With Grandmama - Churchill's 10.08.02
9. Tootsie Roll - Miller's Garage 09.xx.00
10. Walk Don't Run/Bitch Slap Monkey Talk - New Years Party 2001-02
11. I'm Not Paying For College - Miller's Garage 09.xx.00
12. I'm Just A Gringo - Tobacco Road 09.04.03
13. Weirdest Band In The World - AJ Roxx 11.22.02
14. Cut The Pickle - Churchill's 10.08.02
15. I'm In Love With My Hand - Storytellers 05.05.01
16. Mr. Meaner - Miller's Garage 09.xx.00
17. Sweet Barry - Churchill's 10.08.02
18. Party Party Party - Churchill's 08.08.02
19. Whoomp! There It Is - Churchill's Summer 2002
20. I Want Cheesecake - Churchill's 12.02.00

1. Turkish TV Special 2005
2. I Love BJ - pilot episode
3. Line-up #2 Reunion Show - May 9, 2005 (Love@Aol.com, Oops!...I Did It Again, No One Calls Me On My Cell Phone, Boots Medley, Song Five, Rappers Delight/Junk In The Trunk, Sweet Barry, Things That Make My Ass Itch, Tootsie Roll, I Want Cheesecake, Sweet Child O'Mine)

Compiled by Roger Houdaille

After a failed attempt to record a new full length, the powers at be decided on putting together something which had been planned since back in 2002, a box set. Picking up the pieces originally started then, Dippy Records released this extravagent 4 disc box set which includes alot of the outtakes previously available only on bootlegs, and rare recordings from the bands personal archives and topped off with a DVD featuring previously unreleased footage including a recent 60-minute special done for Turkish ATV.

4-Play insert

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