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Release details Released October 2000 on Dippy Records (DR012) worldwide. Rereleased by Dippy Value in 2005 remastered with bonus tracks. Producer The BJ Experience. Recorded @ Miller's Place, October 7, 2000 on the Dippy Mobile & October 8, 2000 @ Dippy Studios.

1. Lililililu (Girard-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - Lilililu
2. Oops!...I Did It Again (Martin-Rami) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Oops! I Did It Again
3. I Forgive You Frank (Girard-Houdaille)
4. Song Five (Girard-Miller) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Song Five
5. Like Me (Girard-Houdaille-Miller)
plus enhanced CD portion

BJ: Lead Microphone
Father Bloopy: Bass, Guitar
Angry Amish: Guitar, Bass
Tropical Barber: Drums
Frank Daddy: Trumpet, Keyboards

Bonus track info
on 2005's Dippy Value issue:
6. I'm Not Paying For College (Live)
7. I Forgive You Frank (Alt. Version)

Only two months after the band began, and two months after their debut release, their follow-up, a 5 track EP appropriately titled 5x5, became a huge success, giving Dippy Records their first major artist. The original CD of which about 50 were issued were enhanced to include a short film on the album. This short film has subsequently been featured on the video compilations The Duct Quacked Quack and Ultimate DVD Collection.


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