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Does The Chicken

Does The Chicken  

Release details Released April 2002 on Dippy Records (BJE010) worldwide. Disc one rereleased in an expanded edition, remixed, 2004 with several bonus tracks and deluxe 8-page booklet. Also rereleased by Dippy Value in 2005 remastered with bonus tracks. Producer The BJ Experience. Recorded on the Dippy Records Mobile Studio at The Carrot Shack & Dippy Studios December 2001-April 2002. Mixed and mastered by Roger Houdaille April 2002.

(disc one)
1. Christmas @ CVS (Girard-Houdaille)
2. Why Do Girls Come In Pairs? (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
3. Party Party Party (Girard-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - Party Party Party
4. All You Can Eat! (Girard-Houdaille)
5. You Love Me, You Know You Do (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
6. Surfside Sucks (Girard-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Surfside Sucks
7. I Remember You, Jeff (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
8. Puke (Girard-Houdaille)
9. Yo Quiero Un Pastel De Queso (Bermudez-Burgos-Girard-Houdaille-Perdomo)
10. Yeah (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
11. Run Alan Run (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
12. Does The Chicken (Girard-Houdaille)
(disc two)
1. Bound For The Lizard Tree (Hernandez)
2. Bicuspid (Hernandez)
3. Bridges Of 2002 (Hernandez)
4. Cistarectamy (Hernandez)
5. Savannah (Houdaille)
6. Won't You Try (Houdaille)
7. 3 Days Of The Condor (Houdaille)
8. Crazy Paving (Houdaille)
9. It Always Was There (Houdaille)

BJ: Lead Microphone & Hidden Acoustic Guitar
Father Bloopy: Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals, Percussion, Recorder, Keyboards
Tropical Barber: Drums, Bass on Christmas @ CVS
Boner Juan: Trombone
Lex 7: Backing Vocals
See Side Danny: Backing Vocals
Hunni Bear: Chorus Vocals
Ghetto V, See Ya Lea, Mel P, W, Kitty Kat: Backing Vocals

Bonus track info
on 2004's Expanded Edition issue:
13. Party Party Party [take one]
14. Christmas @ CVS [early mix]
15. Puke [take one])
16. Surfside Rocks [live]
17. Skit: The Party Must Go On
18. The Party Must Go On
19. Skit: How Can I Forgive You Frank?
20. I Forgive You Frank
21. I Remember You, Jeff
22. Skit: Let Me Buy You Lunch
23. Old Girl In The Park The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - Old Girl In the Park
24. Skit: Old Man In The Park

on 2005's Dippy Value issue:
13. I Remember You, Jeff (Alt. Version)
14. Surfside Rocks (Live)

A double-album, one disc a full length BJ Experience album, and the other two EP-length solo efforts by Tropical Barber and Father Bloopy. Always trying to do something different, this certainly was, a worthy effort which unfortunately sold disaterously at the time which was probably caused by no promotion done by the band and a review of the album not being published in a critical newspaper. It isn't a strong release, however, it does feature the bands anthem Party Party Party. The double album version was dropped in subsequent repressings, keeping only disc one, which in turn makes the original is extremely collectible (and rare).


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