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Release details Released August 2000 on Dippy Records (DR010) worldwide. Rereleased by Dippy Value in 2005 remastered with bonus tracks Producer The BJ Experience except I Want Cheesecake, French Whore & Yes 'Um produced by Fernando Perdomo. Recorded @ Miller's Garage, August 3 & Dippy Studios August 4, 2000 except I Want Cheesecake, French Whore & Yes 'Um recorded at Climax Sound Studios, Summer 1998.

1. I Want Cheesecake (Bermudez-Burgos-Girard-Houdaille-Perdomo) The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - I Want Cheesecake
2. Nobody Calls Me On My Cell Phone (Girard-Miller)
3. Tootsie Roll (69 Boyz)
4. No Breakfast For Dinner (Girard-Miller)
5. My New Boots (Girard-Houdaille-Miller)
6. These Boots (Are Made For Walking) (Hazelwood)
7. French Whore (Bermudez-Burgos-Girard-Houdaille-Perdomo) The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - French Whore
8. Be My Baby Tonight
9. You Did It Frank (Girard-Hernandez)
10. Song Five (Girard-Miller)
11. Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns N Roses)
12. Yes 'Um (Bermudez-Burgos-Girard-Houdaille-Perdomo)
13. I Want Cheesecake 2000 (Bermudez-Burgos-Girard-Houdaille-Perdomo)
14. Coochie Coochie Coo David (Girard-Miller) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Coochie Coochie Coo
15. He's Coming After You (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille-Miller)

BJ: Lead Microphone
Father Bloopy: Bass, Guitar
Angry Amish: Guitar, Keyboards
Tropical Barber: Drums
featuring Frank Daddy: Trumpet

Bonus track info
on 2005's Dippy Value issue:
16. I'm In Love With My Hand
17. Mr. Meaner [Live]

This was The BJ Experience's legendary debut, both in performance and on record. The band got together for the first time to play these songs, made up primarily of riffs by guitarist Angry Amish. This was the only album to feature this raw, exciting improv style.


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