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I Can Do It

I Can Do It  

Release details Released November 10, 2002 on After Lunch Bunch (AFL001) worldwide. Producer Roger Houdaille. Recorded @ Dippy Studios November 6, 2002.

1. Love Song
2. Walgreens Girl
3. Weirdest Band In The World
4. Dippy Records
5. If I Were A Chick
6. El Scorcho
7. God Damn Grand
8. High School Kids
9. Straight-Edge Now
10. All Star

BJ: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Father Bloopy: Additional programming

BJ's first full length appeared on the obscure and short-lived budget label After Lunch Bunch in late 2002. And budget it was, retailing only at about $2. This time around, BJ experiments with some guitar based songs and beats as well as the more traditional acapella.


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