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Yay, Indigestion!

Yay, Indigestion!  

Release details Released September 8, 2001 on Dippy Records (BJE001) worldwide. Rereleased by Dippy Value in 2005 remastered with bonus tracks. Producer The BJ Experience. Recorded on the Dippy Records Mobile Studio at The Carrot Shack & Dippy Studios September 3 & 4, 2001. Mixed and mastered by Roger Houdaille September 4 & 5, 2001.

1. Nobody Wants To See You (Girard-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Got BJ? the Best of the BJ Experience - Nobody Wants to See You
2. Bitch Slap Monkey Talk (Feliciano-Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)
3. Her Names Jim (Girard-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Her Names Jim
4. Deer Kick '95 (Feliciano-Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille) The BJ Experience - Even More Best of - Deer Kick '95
5. Kiss Me, While You Still Have A Tooth (Girard-Hernandez-Houdaille)

BJ: Lead Microphone & Whines
Father Bloopy: Guitars, Bass on tracks 1 & 3, Background Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards
Tropical Barber: Drums, Guitar on track 5, Background Vocals
Okie: Bass, Background Vocals
also Carrot Cake: uncredited background vocals

Bonus track info
on 2005's Dippy Value issue:
6. Nobody Wants To See You [Mono Mix]
7. Bitch Slap Monkey Talk [Mono Mix]
8. Her Names Jim [Mono Mix]
9. Deer Kick 95 [Mono Mix]
10. Kiss Me, While You Still Have A Tooth [Mono Mix]

Another 5 tracker which kept the spirit of the original, 5x5, alive. The release saw more sales than their predessesor which helped the band spirits and introduced them to a new generation. The new line-up created more of a group sound and in fact, these are the only recordings which featured bass player Okie, before his crippling health took him away from us before his time.


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