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• The True Untold Story makes its way back online for free, despite protests from Dippy Films Ltd.'s accountant.

MARCH 4 , 2007

• Thanks to all the friendly and not-so-friendly faces who came to see ME perform with my band The BJ Experience, who consisted of Father Bloopy, Frank Daddy, Dip Fred & first timer DCDerek @ Tobacco Road Thursday night. Here's a reminder of what happened...

Got BJ? The Best of The BJ Experience
• A new compilation, Got BJ? The Best of The BJ Experience hits the stores in about a week. I'm excited, it will be on Amazon.com and iTunes (later in the year). Make sure you pick up a copy...features all the best songs from the band from all of our albums which you can learn more about here.

• The first season of All My BJ will be released as a special collector's edition in about a month. It will feature a different episode track order and music by Professor Parkinson. ORDER THE SPECIAL NON-COLLECTOR'S EDITION RIGHT NOW! BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE AWAY
All My BJ season 1
US $8.00


FEBRUARY 25, 2007

• I am in the process of moving to a place with better A/C. But, more importantly, there is a show!! Yes, a live performance!!

March 1st 2007

It will be $5 entry.
Show stars at 9pm with Chewy, Tango 36 & DC3 serving up some good Hialeah rock 'n' roll to amuse the crowd before it's time for the real thing.
See you there! Drive responsibly.
More info: www.tobacco-road.com
FEBRUARY 12, 2007

• Happy new year!! Sorry I'm a little late, I've been busy making sure my a/c doesn't break again! Summer is almost here again. Anyway, we are busy filming season 2 of All My BJ, expect to see a DVD in a couple months!!
NOVEMBER 24, 2006

It was a good turkey day. Gave some turkey to my best friend Charlie Cloud. Other than that it is Black Friday today and the ALL MY BJ website has been redone, so you should check that out and do some shopping there!

NOVEMBER 2, 2006

The first season of All My BJ is out on DVD. It is playable worldwide I believe and there are cool menus and bonus feature including the legendary Fluffy (who will be in Season 2!). ORDER IT RIGHT NOW! DON'T DELAY
All My BJ season 1
US $8.00

• I am recovering from Halloween 2006. It was a great party! View my MySpace.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2006

• I am still working with Father Bloopy on the first season of All My BJ. All we need is to finish the DVD Extras. Visit allmybj.com to watch the first episodes.
• I just got out of the hospital from having surgery to remove my appendix. I feel much better now, thanks.
• I have a brand new a/c.

APRIL 22, 2006
• I am working with Father Bloopy on the first season of All My BJ which will be released online and on DVD. Visit allmybj.com to watch the first episodes.
• The brand new EP "Just An Innocent Crush" is availble at DippyRecords.com as well as most all our other albums.
• I just fixed my a/c.

JANUARY 30 , 2006
The band is scheduled to perform in South Beach the following dates:


1811 Purdy Ave

• The brand new EP "Just An Innocent Crush" will be released Tuesday, February 7th worldwide on DippyRecords.com
• My a/c still works.

The attractive set of BJ Experience stamps that are deemed as mere fakes.

    The stamp issues that have been circulating around the stamp collecting markets recently which depict images of The BJ Experience are announced to be "illegal" issues. Please beware of this attractive se tenant set of 4. The postal authority of Chad has confirmed their illegal nature saying in a press conference last week, "Most of the people, especially the poorer class of people, do not know of The BJ Experience." They furthered their point stating how low I Want Cheesecake made it into their charts. Off the podium, one representative stated, "We have no reason to commemorate this band in the Chad Republic with these attractive commemorative stamps. It is clearly the work of bootleg stamp merchants."
    The illegal stamp trade is a big problem facing the UPU today and it seems like no one can escape from being used. "Think of how much money these criminals are making from my likeness!" says BJ via phone interview. "It's despicable!" However, some say these fake stamps aren't all so bad for the band as they have made awareness of the band to a whole new market: philatelists.
    "I never heard of the Blow Job [sic] Experience until I bought their stamps! I can't believe I Want Cheesecake didn't make the top of Chad's charts! It's f--ckin' incredible!" said Bert Landroaster, an amateur philatelist. "Yes, we have been seeing more sales from the sort of 'stamp collecting' crowd in the recent months" claimed an off-interview Dippy Records sales associate. Other artists widely portrayed in illegal stamps are Bon Jovi, The Beatles, Grateful Dead and Madonna.

The lucky lady with the thong, oh yeah and Ms. Tanhauser, the lucky winner.BJ PRESENTS THE THONG WINNER WITH THONG

AUGUST 2004 After a fierce battle to win the official BJ Experience thong and an even longer wait to actually present the thong to its winner, Ms. Tanhauser from Orlando, Florida, the miracle was completed in August 18, 2004. It was on this day that Blaise James Girard, lead singer of The BJ Experience, whose likeness is also on the front end of the thong, presented the winner with this novelty item. Former part-time BJ Experience member Frank Daddy remembers this moment quite fondly. "It definitely went to the right person. Not a finer bootay this side of the international date line!" was his official statement to the press. However, it wasn't all pastels and crayons for the lucky winner. Only hours after receiving the thong, threats were made to her demanding she gives the thong to the rightful owner. Apparently, it leaked out that Tanhauser wasn't in fact the first name drawn out of the baseball cap and one of the other entry contestants wanted a re-draw. This of course never occurred and the thong remains in Tanhauser's custody.

Bottoms up! The BJ Experience hangin low during an impromtu hanging out session with a random fan.THE BJ EXPERIENCE FIND SOME TIME TO HANG WITH FAN

JUNE 2004 "You never know when it's going to happen" Tropical Barber said about the recent encounter with a fan. "One minute we're doing a treacherous photo shoot and the next, we're just hanging out with a fan" he concluded.
    During June 12th's photo session for the new BJ Experience album, the band hit up the streets and beaches of Miami Beach to get the shots that would become their artwork for the new album. During this session, however, a fan spotted the group and decided to hang with them. Not the first time this has happened, the band were more than willing to take a 2 minute break and drink down a couple of cold ones with the lucky fan. Unfortunately, all work and no play makes no artwork and the band had to say farewell to their fan as they ran away to their next location.

APRIL 2004 Some say BJ is a prophet. One of BJ's most famous prophecies was seeing former band guru Josh Guy come back to Miami Beach after moving and wedding in Texas in 2002. This came true in April of 2004, when Josh Guy arrived by Greyhound a soon-to-be-divorced man. "This is the kinda thing BJ always would talk about. We'd think he was just crazy but look, it came true!" said one ex-nay say er."Yeah!" agreed another person next to the ex-nay say er. However, not all BJ's prophecies are very likely to occur. His personal wedding to Britney Spears and the idea of his friend George Marban to shoot out into space for being so 'cool' are highly unlikely. Time will tell if BJ is a modern-day Nostradamus or just a freak with a goatee.
Caught in the moment: BJ & Father Bloopy grace the Purdy Lounge crowd of party animals.BJ & FATHER BLOOPY IN DRUNKEN BINGE PERFORM TOGETHER!

EARLY 2004 In a truly rare occasion, Father Bloopy, together with DC3's Derek Cintron & Fernando Perdomo backed BJ in a sloppy rendition of "Oops! I Did It Again." Too drunk to remember, BJ put on quite a show, especially to his dedicated female fans who were gathered on that Tuesday night @ Purdy Lounge in South Beach. When BJ wasn't on the floor, he was busy forgetting the lyrics to the bands most poignant cover song. "He was just too drunk to work with," Bloopy later commented. "However," he added, "a good time was shared by all, especially the BJ Experience virgins in the crowd. Rest assured, I don't think they'll ever see something quite like what happened that night ever again!" The show didn't end on stage either. At the end of the night, BJ, feeling randy, went on to hump the parking meters outside the club to a gathered crew of Paparazzi's.
Sandy days forever? Are The BJ Experience really planning an early retirement from each other?EARLY RETIREMENT FOR THE BJ EXPERIENCE??

LATE 2003 Most of The BJ Experience's activities these days are behind computers or in the streets instead of rehearsal & recording rooms & stages across South Florida. Unfortunately, the bands increasing personnel problems have halted the machine that was once the band. 2003 saw work almost exclusively on the "True Untold Story" DVD documentary which kept running into mostly technical difficulties. A couple of re-formations, and line-up changing brought the band back to the streets for some memorable performances, most notably on Ocean Drive, South Beach. However, no new album has appeared leading to many fans wondering if this is part of an early retirement plan. "I'm always gonna be BJ, and that's just the way it is," BJ slammed against these accusations. "It is true the band is barely a band these days but that doesn't mean we are going to retire," Bloopy concluded. So keep your arms and legs crossed for future works by the band!
ABJP - March 2003 In a strange move, BJ, 22, has decided to publicly dismiss the Plate Tectonic theory which has been a theory now for well over 40 years. He told a reporter "It is nothing but a hypothesis that can't even be proven without making up a bunch of facts!" BJ's strongest claim is that Plate Tectonics is not at all possible because the earth under the continental shelf is a solid piece of hard cheese, much like the cheese that compromises 97.4% of Earth's cleverly named moon, Moon. Furthermore, this cheese is claimed not to be similar to cheese found on top of the continental shelf and ocean basins. Its main difference is that cheese in the Asthenosphere layer of the Earth is mostly compromised of silicate, iron and other tasty minerals, according to BJ. "This fact," BJ states, "is true." Another thing BJ strongly dismisses is isostatic equilibrium.

  Through his research conducted at the Miami-Dade green benches he has found evidence to support that the Earth is not equal standing. "I see George Marban there and next to me is Ernesto Laureano" he added, "Clearly Earth is not equal standing."

    "Having plates under Miami Beach? That makes no sense. Having hard, un molded cheese down there? Now that's a fact! Those ass clowns at the Geneva Convention will have to bow down to me and forget all about Wegener... German bastard!"


NOVEMBER 2002 MIAMI BEACH, FL — Three members of the BJ Experience staff went out in the cold Miami Beach beach last Friday morning to attend a live taping of the nationally broadcasted ABC television program for old people, Good Morning America. While two of them where there only to see Hugh McDonald play with Bon Jovi, the remaining member was there to promote the band, and capitalize on Good Morning America's free "sign" advertising. Did I type free? Good.
    At 8:34 in the A.M., the dream fertilized. The sign was showed nationally to thousands of potential bjexperience.com viewers on the ABC network. "We did it!" exclaimed Blaise Girard, a big Diane Sawyer fan. Sure, the sign wasn't able to be shown in its full extended glory (those at the taping know what we're talking about). However, we feel that the 59% of what was shown of the sign is good enough to justify the mornings activity. Also, the grin on Hugh & Jon Bon Jovi's face as they stared at BJ holding up the sign more than justifies that mornings activity. It freakin' left centers it!

Old News

July 2005
The BJ Experience perform @ DIPPYFEST2005. I was the best performer that night. To prove it, watch this clip of usdoing the 69 Boyz classic "Tootsie Roll". I also got my air conditioner unit working.

January 29, 2003
The True Untold Story DVD interviews have almost wrapped up. Over 20 people have been interviewed for the DVD which is to be released sometime in February along with some audio CD's. Stay tuned for a trailer and other goodies in the next week or so.

January 12, 2003
2003 is here and the documentary still being finished. The DVD/Boxed Set project is still in the works, therefore, the release has been pushed back a month or so. 
The favorite Oh No Not Another BJ Experience Album poll closed. View results here.

December 4 , 2002
OK, so the word has been out on the street... BJ Experience #9 has folded. But no worries, they will regroup by next year and make you sweat again. In the meantime, BJ Experience productions is putting together a DVD for January 2003 release. Stay tuned! Oh yeah.

November 17, 2002
The site is getting another design. While the fresh new content was being published online, the BJ Experience made it to see Bon Jovi live in their hometown, Miami Beach Friday morning. They also managed to get their sign (www.bjexperience.com) on national TV! If you saw it, drop us a line!

November 10, 2002
Surfside Publix causes BJ to lay off the cheesecake. At a party in Coconut Grove a week ago, BJ had to say no to a slice of cheesecake due to its connection with the town of Surfside, Florida.      As a result, BJ insulted the people who bought the cheesecake by refusing it, and also did not gain the weight he needed from the fatty molecules cheesecake has.     Surfside has not been available for comment on this short incident.

 October 29, 2002
NEW PROJECTS ON THE HORIZON: The BJ Experience are pleased to announce work on their forthcoming audio release, prematurely titled, Greatest Hits... Sike!How many CD's or even if this will be available on CD is still in question. Talk about a triple disc set, boxed set, and cassette only release are taking place now. What is known is that the band will be drastically re-arranging some of their classic material and as of now, Father Bloopy isn't involved but is hoping he can catch up with the rest of them soon.
The BJ Experience becomes a friendster! Add the band to your friends list!

October 24, 2002
The new CD "Oh No! Not Another BJ Experience Album" has been out for over a week now. After the release, Father Bloopy immidietly recorded and released a solo album to counter-sales of the new BJ CD. His CD info can be found here. CD Sales weren't as hot as expected but the band hasn't unleashed any heavy promotional work yet. Next week, the band will concentrate on such events and setting up a few shows for November. That is all really... doesn't sound like much but there is a lot going on. 

October 5, 2002
The new single, Pussy Hawk, has been released in Japan.

September 2, 2002
Official tracklist for the new BJ Experience album: (still subject to change and manipulation)
Sweet Barry
The Party Must Go On
Bloopy In The Kitchen— Barber In The John
Junk In The Trunk
I'm Just A Gringo
You're Not A Man, You're A Jack-Ass
I Don't Want To Party Without You
If You Saw Tay On Anything It'll Taste Good
Cut The Pickle
Miss You
Shake Your Body
Love@AOL '02

August 13, 2002
The BJ Experience is working on "Oh! No, Not Another One?". Band debuted two new songs last show, Sweet Barry & The Party Must Go On to extreme response. The new album will be co-produced with See Side Danny (who contributed the classic backing vocals to Surfside Sucks). Blaise magazine is still as finished as it was last news update. Time goes by to fast! It might appear soon as some sorta website addition. Keep your finger clean!

August 4, 2002
The BJ Experience 2nd Year Anniversary! sponsered by Coca-Cola.

July 31, 2002
The website getting yet another look. In the works, Blaise issue #1 almost ready. Also, new BJ Experience album is in planning stages. Does The Chicken does it again. Jose tributes were successful, raising a good amount of money for his family.

June 7, 2002

'Blaise' is currently being worked on. 'Blaise' is a new magazine featuring BJ and co. in similar style to 'O' & 'George' magazine. Last night Lex 7 & Father Bloopy got into a serious car accident but are reported stable, still mental. If you have any questions for the magazine to answer, e-mailus@bjexperience.com. Singles Collection released featuring 25 tracks, all the singles in single mixes & edits. Duct Quacked Quack is being reprinted, get your copies today before they run out (again)!

April 17, 2002
Well it's been more than a month since the last update and as we all know, Okie passed away. He put up a strong battle but it was just too much. The BJ Experience have been working on raising money for the family of Jose "Okie" Feliciano which will manifest itself into a tribute concert for him. This will be the last BJ Experience show for now and Angry Amish will be playing with BJ, Father Bloopy & the Tropical Barber again. Frank Daddy may guest appear too. GoreFest 2 will not be played due to too many issues going on between the organizers, BJ, and the bands' mourning. On a brighter note, the BJ Experience double CD has been nearly completed in a matter of days (only one vocal track still missing at the time of this writing). Pre order it now here.

March 11, 2002
Okie is in the hospital once again, but this time it is the real thing and he's #1 on the list for a heart & lung transplant. The band sends their love, support & best wishes to Okie and hope everything will be back or better than normal asap!
In the meantime, The BJ Experience have lost it. The 2CD set has been postponed forever but a single release might happen if you're unlucky. Check your horoscopes! The Tropical Barber & Father Bloopy albums will be finished asap too. Keep it here for the latest in BJ E news.

February 15, 2002
The BJ Experience got together for Valentine's Day & they still got it. The foursome went out together to Arby's and plan to start performing to indifferent audiences really soon. The backing tracks to all 20+ songs for the new BJ E CD are done. Overdubs will be delayed until March due to previous contractual obligation commitments.

January 23, 2002
Brand new years brings along new hope for the BJ Experience who have started work on their "Doing The Chicken" CD set. Tracklisting is sketchy at best, but our sources give us this:
1 Christmas At CVS
2 Why Do Girls Come In Pairs?
3 Puke
4 All You Can Eat!
5 Surfside Sucks
6 You Love Me, You Know You Do
7 I Remember You Jeff
8 Party Party Party
9 Does The Chicken
1 Lizard Tree
2 Barber Shack Rock
3 Tropical Fantasies
4 To Vanessa, With Love
5 Crazy Paving
6 Always On My Mind
7 Millard Fillmore
8 3 Days Of The Condor
9 It's Always Been There

December 12, 2001
Hey what's up!? The BJ Experience have cancelled their 2 CD setin similar style to the way Sixo cancelled their 3 CD trilogy. The only difference is our 2 CD set didn't mean having 2 songs on each disc. On other news... Okie was in the hospital but rumoured to be feeling much better. Bloopy is busy performing with other bands that get gigs. The Tropical One is heard to be in good condition as Carrot Cake will be leaving us this XMas to NYC. Lex 7 & BJ have been working on videos while Shalom is playing Espanola Way Thursday. See you next year!

November 19, 2001
A whole lot has happened since the last news update. BJ has returned from his successful Japan tour where he promotoed his solo CD Phone Sex. During his 11-day tour, Bj was replaced by Betsy Anselm from Turkey. No gigs were done with this line-up. After the week long BJ birthday celebrations have left us dazed and in serious trouble, the band has announced plans to make a 2-CD set for the new year. The only hard facts we know is that it will feature solo songs by the Experience members, lots of guests & a remake of Love@Aol as well as tons of new material (i.e. Christmas At CVS, Why Do Girls Come In Pairs? & Puke).

October 12, 2001
Next show at the Gore Fest 2001, Ramada Inn 41st & Collins Ave. Miami Bch SATURDAY Oct 20, $8. Work on the new video compilation "The Duct Quacked Quack" is in progress. Originally planned as a vCD, the collection now includes a VHS edition and the original 9 chapters will be increased.

September 22, 2001
Tonight! BJ Experience returns to Churchill's Pub for their "Food Not Bombs" event. 9pm (eastern time). The band has also finished their new music video for their current popular song "Nobody Wants To see You" off of Yay, Indigestion! CD whose CD sales are promising to beat 5x5.

September 7, 2001
The new CD is released. The title, Yay, Indigestion!, is the brainchild of fan Zoilyn and Father Bloopy. The CD's are on sale now for only $1. After doing some more writing and gigs, the band will begin work on their next releases which include a double CD-set and a Christmas album. Check out The BJ Experience at Lala's party this Saturday night. Check back for more info on this event.

September 4, 2001
The BJ Experience are recording new material for release sometime this weekend. The single will contain all new songs: Nobody Wants To See You
Bitch Slap Monkey Talk
Why Is Her Name Jim?
Deer Kick '95
Kiss Me While You Still Have A Tooth

August 15, 2001
The BJ movie has been postponed due to BJ cutting his hair. Send him abusive mail here.
The band plans to begin recording some new songs in September for an album expected out by December. 
Another change on the website! New layouts are currently being placed all over the place.

August 4th, 2001
The BJ Experience 1st annual 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
To coincide with this fab event, they will be performing at the Fairwind Bar & Grill, 1000 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Tickets $5 or $8 at the door.

July 24, 2001
July 20th wasn't too special. BJ gets angry at Father Bloopy and makes him turn the site red! The BJ movie has already begun filming... more and better info coming soon!

July 20, 2001
This will be a special day.

July 6th, 2001
The BJ Experience perform at the Fairwind Bar & Grill.

June 25, 2001
BJ Experience website goes online with yellow motif!

June 11th, 2001
BJ Experience announces plans to star and perform on a self-written musical. Directors will be Father Bloopy and Carrot Cake. To be finished by Autumn 2001.

May 31, 2001
Gone solo!
The BJ Experience members are each releasing a solo disc. Released so far, BJ & Father Bloopy's solo disc, have been warmly recieved and by June we will be seeing solo discs by Shalom, Lex 7, Frank Daddy, Okie & the Tropical Barber.

May 19, 2001
Lala's party, last band, no electricity.

May 18, 2001
George Marban's Everyone Gets Laid 3 party.

May 13, 2001
Sunday night @ the 1800 Club, 10:30pm.

May 7, 2001
Storytellers/Cinco de Mayo/CD Release Party was a success! The band sounded good (for most of the time) and the audience were pleased and shocked and a good time was spent by almost all. Apart from 100's of bagels, invited guests were also treated to empanadas, guacamole and a fine variety of sodas.
Also just in... The BJ Experience will support punk band Crumb on Sunday May 13, 2001 @ 1800 Club. They will also play a short acoustic set @ George Marban's famous kegger birthday party the following weekend! Stay tuned 

May 3, 2001
The BJ Experience contest winner is Zoilyn from Miami Lakes! Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered. Check out our May contest before it's too late! 
The BJ Experience storytellers & CD release party will be on Cinco de Mayo, for more info join our mailing list or email Bloopy.

April 21, 2001
It is with further pleasure to be able to announce that the new BJ Experience disc has been a total and utter success, selling 2 entire copies worldwide. Let's hope the boys and girls can keep the success going strong!
Also of interest is plans for a BJ Experience Gift Set which will include their first 3 CD's and a bonus disc with a variety of live and studio outtakes that more people will probably not care about.

March 22, 2001
It is with great pleasure to be able to say "What Experience? We Have None" will be official released Monday, 26, 2001.

March 9, 2001
The band have switched from recording at New Guy's house to Tropical Barber's house. Two new songs have been added to the track list of their new CD. The as of now official tracklisting
The Luck Of Me
No One Calls Me On My Cell Phone
Old Girl In The Park
All These Bands
Put Your Pants Back On
Said I Love You... But I Lied
Things That Make My Ass Itch
I Saw A Tay On You
Switch Your Personality
It has also been announced that three versions of this CD will be produced: the regular; the censored; and the alternate.

March 6, 2001
Rumours suggest a classical guitarist by the name of Carrot Cake might be featured on Said I Loved You... But I Lied. TBC 

February 22, 2001
The BJ Experience have started filming their new video Love@Aol.com. Check out our exclusive gallery here. The band have also started to record their new album after weeks of delays! 

January 30, 2001
The BJ Experience site had a facelift.
Also in the news, the band are currently writing, rehearsing and preparing new material for their forthcoming CD already titled "What Experience? We Have None" due out late next month. The eight songs planned for recording and release are
1 Love@Aol.com
2 The Luck Of Me
3 No One Calls Me On My Cell Phone
4 Old Lady In The Park
5 All These Bands
6 Said I Loved You... But I Lied
7 Things That Make My Ass Itch
8 Switch Your Personality

January 26, 2001
The BJ Experience performed two sets at the Surfside Community Center to an entertained crowd. The first set featured the band perform some of their softer material for an older audience, most of whom congratulated the band on a job well done afterwards. They also managed to rock out a second set for most of the bands freinds and families. This performance was the first for new guitarist New Guy and also the first rehearsed show for the back ups Shalom & Lex 7. New songs for the night: Surfside Rocks, Happy Together.

January 8, 2001
The BJ Experience is having this guy 
New Guy
play some guitar and bass with them.

January 5, 2001
Chuchill's - 10:32pm: the horror Karoke show was still on. BJ Experience didn't perform until about 11:01pm, where they gracefully took the stage as a three-piece. Soon enough, BJ came up to sing a bit. The show, however, went down hill soon, and after performing Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For XMas Is You'for time together, ever, it was clear there wasn't much of an impression being made. So after a couple more tunes, the BJ Experience signed off early... saying goodbye to probably the biggest crowd Churchill's has seen in a while. Although all the first timers were either impressed or at least enjoyed the show, the band felt they disapointed. Bloopy stated "If we would have had the usual 20 or so people in the crowd, it would have been great... but it threw us off too see that many people there, sitting and watching us!" New songs for the night... "The Song About Beer in the Key of F", and "All I Want For XMas Is You". 

January 3, 2000
Angry Amish fired. Bloopy decides to not rehearse and just play the new songs first time on stage for kicks.

January 1, 2000 
The first day of the year didn't bring the BJ Experience much luck, as their member Dip Fred decided to leave. In the meantime, Angry Amish will replace him while another guitar/theramin player is found.

The BJ Experience will be playing Churchill's Pub on January 5th 2001 at 10:30pm. This time around the band will be performing with their newly added backing vocalists: Shalom & Lex 7 - as well as the Experience dancers. However, due to last minute personnel changes, the show will probably go much different than what was already planned by BJ & Father Bloopy. But as always, bring your dancing shoes and dancing teeth, it will be a fiesta!!

December 13, 2000
The BJ Experience auditioned and will be in the Miami Beach Senior High School's Share Program which is on Wednesday, December 13, 2000. MBSH is the school where all the BJ Experience went to, and in fact Frank Daddy and Tropical Barber still go there (sometimes). They will be performing in Christmas gear, opening up for the school's Rock Ensemble with Oops! I Did It Again.

December 2, 2000
The BJ Experience performed to a slightly bemused audience on Britney Spears' 19th B-day, December the 2nd @ Churchill's Pub. This was the first gig featuring new guitarist/drummer/theraminist DipFred. New songs for the evening were Things That Make My Ass Itch, Love@Aol.com & Britney Spears- I Got A Question.

November 2000
During a BJ Experience dinner at Boston Market, Bloopy & BJ, along with Frank Daddy all decided they had to get a gig on Dec. 2 to honor the wonderful and talented Britney Spears' 19th birthday. They got a gig at the ever-so-wonderful Churchill's Pub in Miami. Check 'em out there.

David Miller who played as Angry Amish asked to be fired (and subsequently got fired) while Father Bloopy was in Guatemala after their stressful first gig and 5x5 EP. As a replacement, they called up Fernando Perdomo and ask him to join, and after a no he said a yes. Dip Fred is going to be the part he plays in this organization known as the BJ Experience. Let's wish him the best, and to all the rest of the group.

October 2000
Brand new EP
The BJ Experience have released 5x5 (Five tracks by Five people) October 10, 2000. After the release of their long playing CD in August, the BJ Experience have played some performances and tightened up their sound and act, which is showcased on these five tracks. Featuring a remake of Song Five from their first album, this EP also contains a cover of Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again, their concert opener Lililililu, a splendid rockabilly I Forgive You Frank and a climactic closer, Like Me. As a bonus, the CD is enhanced and when put into your computer's CD-ROM, a special video of the band themselves explaining the songs will play.

September 2000
Sunday, September 24, 2000 . with Tennille & Hemlock
The BJ Experience performed an excellent set to a surprisingly enthusiastic crowd!


● The BJ Experience are dead.
● The world will end this year because The BJ Experience existed on it.
● The BJ Experience are dead.
● BJ celebrated his 30th birthday.
● The BJ Experience are dead.
● BJ dressed up as a big banana for Halloween.
● Tropical Barber works at Quicksilver Surf Shop.
● Father Bloopy is out of the country working for a coffee planting company.
● The BJ Experience are dead.
● BJ loses bus pass at a CVS in Lincoln Road.
● The band reunites for a Swedish-norwegian tour.

Please note: These rumors are usually false and hold no truth in their falselessness.


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